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Who drops the armor of the exceptional?
Shut your mouth.
Shima sakon does


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Shima Sakon, you can find him in the Battle of Sekigahara.
Why does everyone always forget the samurai of the west?
because there is no samurai of the west the west only has native Indians.the only samurai are from the EasT'
because there is no samurai in the west only native indigenous indians.the EasT''' is where the samurais are at.
You stupid replyer he means Tachibana Muneshige.And yeah the warrior of the west is Tachibana Muneshige man
How can i unlock the 2nd derrick bio, here appears "you must defeat ???? to unlock...
Perhaps play the final mission at the tower of London (end of game). He is found for a rematch in the basement of one of the towers, you may need to kill him there for the bio.
Link to Otani Yoshitsugu via pic has been censored. Looks like this: