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By Anonymous
I wish this was good bc i really like it and velka unfortunately it is pretty bad dps wise at 40 int 16 dex its 390 ar which is ok but taking the split damage into account makes it pretty garbage and the bonus 10% damage against a very small selection of enemies and three bosses just is not enough to make it worthwhile if it was even slightly better it would probably be my main weapon
By Anonymous
get more dex and use it as a crit weapon with hornet ring
By Anonymous
It is a very good weapons for INT built when you need to fight with humanoid enemy, especially Knights and Darkwraith . With 40 INT and +5, I can easily one shot them with a backstab hit even without Hornet ring . Problem here is it is a mid-game weapons and you must clear Sen’s fortress and kill a bunch of wheel skeletons to get it
By Anonymous
the dex scaling on this is way worse than you might expect, you get 29 extra physical damage when having 40 dex (at +5) compared to min. requirement, you can use it on a medium level sorcerer with 40 int and 16 and will prob get the best results.
By Anonymous
Is this better than ricard's rapier with Crystal Magic Weapon?
By Anonymous
Nah, don't think it's even close. The CMW buff is very strong with a good catalyst, and an unbuffed Ricard's is only about 100 AR lower than Velka's, assuming 99 points in all the relevant stats.
By Anonymous
V like Vandetta
By Anonymous
V like Velka
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
A lot of people are confused about the "backstep plunge". It's the running attack you do after you backstep, and it works regardless of your choice of rings.

Honestly, I'd advise removing it entirely or revising it as it only confuses people as to what the rapier's properties are.
By Lux_the_Lost
This probably goes without saying since he's a pretty big help if you don't like being hunted by Darkmoons, but DO NOT screw with the Pardoner. This thing is annihilation on a hilt.
By nokko
The Pardoner can't reset PvP sin, only PvE sin. PvP sin is reset when you get killed by a Darkmoon player enough times.
By Anonymous
Time to become a Pardoner of Velka...