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By Anonymous
Does he spawn again in New game plus 3? or just 2?
By dorferino
I would imagine he does since it shows the amount of souls for NG+7 as well
By Anonymous
Catarina Knight is an ENEMY? No Wonder people say DS2 is the worst installment in the series
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
wow people seriously try so hard to hate the best dark souls game simply because it wasnt made by their god emperor miyazaki san
By Anonymous
This went over a few overzealous fans I see
By Divine_Knight
Hey hey, dont be so harsh. Youll hurt the ds2 enthusiasts

Not that youre wrong tho
By Anonymous
its my favorite of the 3, i also dont like Bloodborne or Sekiro, i only liked medieval settings since the first Kings Field.
By Anonymous
ok, 1 I agree its a good game, but wouldnt call it the best, and 2, the game development was not developed by Miyazaki
By Anonymous
Who exactly is this aimed towards
By Anonymous
"Hmmmm... hmmmm..."
By Anonymous
Still closed Still closed Hmmm....
By Anonymous
I have a theory that this is not actually a knight of Catarina but rather a guy who stole this armor or killed the previous owner or even found it while exploring,I say this because his out of all the catarina knights we've met or heard about they seem to be a people of honor not the type to invade random people
By Anonymous
I like to think it is a actual catarina knight, he just went down a different path from being away from home or some other situation that happened to him in dranglaic
By Anonymous
This **** hits hard if you've just finished Dark Souls 1 and Siegmeyer's quest. For god's sake, wtf was the director thinking? "Everyone is gonna play Bloodborne anyway, I can do dumb **** since no one will care".
By Anonymous
i didnt play bloodborne so may want to rephrase that
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By EvilUnicornLord
Oh no, your feelings were hurt by a nameless invader that only appears in NG+
By Anonymous
I think this guy is a Catarina knight who lost his hope and optimism and so became cold and cruel
By Anonymous
Siegmad of catarina.