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By Anonymous
In Scholar of the First Sin, this only affects total casts and does not count by slots used. I.E., if you have 2 great heal excerpts, both with 2 casts each, you will only get 1 per restore, as it is counting 20% of 4 rather than 20% of 1 twice
By Anonymous
It would be great if the single most useful spell caster accessory didn’t look like ****
By Anonymous
Have you taken a look at yourself when hollowed?
By Anonymous
I prefer the old school Burger King paper crown myself, but I wouldn't mind cruising downtown in my geo metro blasting Beastie Boys with this bad boy on.
By Anonymous
people really have a bad taste by saying this crown is ugly smh its the best of all four in the game
By Anonymous
If you're wearing armor, which most casters won't bother with
By Anonymous
Ivory King Crown looks best imo
By JemJem
Agreed about Ivory crown. It meshes well with my fashion souls.
By Anonymous
The problem isn't that it looks bad, it's that it fits a lot with heavy armor and doesn't go as well with light armor. The effect of the crown is only useful for casters, and those normally don't use heavier sets, so it's inconvinient that it's visual doesn't match that.
By Anonymous
If you have 12 total casts (4 scrolls attuned times 3 casts per scroll), will the effect replenish 2.4 casts rounded up (3 casts) or 2.4 rounded down (2 casts)? Or yet, the minimum of 1 cast times 4 scrolls (replenishing 4 casts)? I'm asking because there seems to be conflicting information going around, so can anyone confirm? By the way, i'm talking Scholar of the First Sin.
By Anonymous
Rounded up
By Anonymous
Breakdown of best PvE caster helms:

-Crown of the Old Iron King, best quality of life pretty much eliminating the need to ever use items to replenish spell uses. On the other hand, you can also just use an item to replenish uses and use a different helm instead. Because of how the replenishment works, it works best with low use spells like souls spear, as it replenishes more than 20%, multiplied by however many copies you have equipped. In other words this helm synergizes well with a build that attunes many low-use spells.

-Black hood: 11% cast speed and +4 stats. Great overall. For reference all other armor pieces that increase cast speed only increase it by 5%, so great value. Clear Bluestone ring +2 increases it by 40%.

-Domino Mask: small spell damage increase (not just magic damage) at the cost of 10% health. This could be the difference between 2-shotting and 3-shotting something. Can't go wrong with this either.
By Anonymous
You’re wrong on that first bit. It doesn’t replenish more than 20% multiplied by the amount of copies. It replenishes 20% based on what the total number of those copies are. For example if you stack 5 spells that only have 2 usages each the crown will only replenish 2 uses since the total equals 10. That is unless this crown works differently on different versions of the game. Regardless it’s best to stack a bunch of high use spells so you have practically infinite spell usage.
By Anonymous
If u have 10 soul spears slotted with 4 casts each you will replenish 10 casts every 2 minutes 1 for each spell slotted
By Anonymous
This thing is amazing
By Anonymous
I read from somewhere that the giant dudes with greathammers in the dlc you get this from become passive when you wear this, but I can't confirm this. Worth looking into if you beat the dlc and have the time
By Anonymous
This is not accurate, I just got smashed like a bug.
By Anonymous
Since I mostly do melee focused characters, I tend to overlook mage related gear. So I wish I knew beforehand about the effects of this amazing crown to get it earlier into my caster playtrought. Great specially for pyromancers and miracle casters in PvE who suffer from low casts per spell and wear themselves out by the time they reach a boss. Hexer and Saint hoods are also great options for casters.
By Anonymous
this has my favorite special effect of any equipment piece in all of the fromsoft games, was it too much to give us more stuff to make mage builds renewable in a viable way in later games?