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I've never found eileen in the game. i've searched everywhere but i think she mever loaded to my game.
Yeah, that happens if you haven't talked to her before killing rom, after that, she can't be found in that playthrough.
I am on Shadows of Yharnam and I can't find her to save my life. I've heard in some places that she de-spawns when you enter the Forbidden Forest but I haven't confirmed that yet
I found her at the start and started to attack her now everything I get back to that point she tryst to kill me how do I make peace
is it too late to submit a question? man, Eileen died to Henryk on my NG, is it possible to meet her again? I still got the crow's hunter badge, will i miss anything if she's dead for good?
You won’t be able to get the hunter of hunters convenant rune



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I entered the Forbidden Woods and Eileen disappeared. Can I still get this?