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That is not an ichigo build
I came here for Ichigo, I received the same try hard meta equipment and armor everyone uses... As always


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what the hell. this is not a ichigo build. this is a try hard meta build
I'm currently doing an Ichigo build.
This one just looks bad.
Since Ichigo has diffrent forms, you either have to choose one of them or do them all through the playthrough.
I'll be using the Greatsword on the first game, eventually swapping to Uchigatana, either halfway through or in new game+ 1.
I'll play the dlcs this time and get the Frayed Blade, since it looks like the katanas he has around his final form.
I'll be getting stuff like Dark Blade
Deep Protection
Power Within
Carthus Beacon

For rings I'll go with the ones that makes you stronger in some way.
Sun Princess Ring
Chloranthy Ring
Havel's Ring
Ring of Favor
Ring of Steel Protection
Knight's Ring
Hunter's Ring
Wolf Ring
Hornet Ring

For armor I'll be using
Xanthous Overcoat
Karla's Set
Fire Witch Leggings
Fire Keeper Skirt
Robe of Prayer
Doubt I'll be getting that overcoat, but it would be funny as a tribute to that cape thing he wore while saving Rukia.

Here's another idea of mine if anyone wants to cosplay as Ikkaku
Spear (start with the spear)
Winged Knight Halberd x2
Fire Keeper Skirt
Robe of Prayer

I'm gonna try and figure out how to cosplay as some of the Fairy Tail mains.
Gildarts is the easiest one. Emit force and such.
how can you even call this an Ichigo build without the frayed blade,or even any katana at all.
This is not a cosplay this is a disgrace.