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Where do I find that sword?

Thank you
I think there is a chance you might get it after you beat Muneshige in his sub-mission. You can also get it a Twilight Mission after beating him as well.

Not sure if that is gonna carry over to the main game though.
I happened upon it hunting revenants in the caves of the mission Deep in the Shadows, if you play online, the game will spread out different levels of bloody graves(revenants) for you to fight and collect pretty decent loot from.
Tachibana Muneshige drops this sword in NG+
Is there a way of getting a lightning version of this as the whole point of this gearset is to do damage with electricity
I think that's what Raiken is for.. damn set's got a pretty big catch..
I got drop of this from revenant, also the lightning version is called Raikiri
No,Raikiri is not another version of this sword, its his wife's sword
the text can drop from the very first fight with kelly disguised as shiggy
Can you get a lightening version of the nami - oyogi kanemitsu?
Yet another OP Sword from the first two Acts...i think we get the memo, Team Ninja! More love for other weapons, please. :)
Wow troll from the dev. a water sword that is needed to get max armor set bonus of lightning lmao.