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Platform: PS4
Version: 1.02? (Happened before the last patch)
What happened:
Player 1 world was NG+3, Player 2 world was NG+2. Both characters were in new worlds (no brands, keys, etc).

Player 1 made a mistake and made a wrong offering at the sanctuary, no Sellsword was placed. Player 1 killed Sodden Knight alone and then vanquished Bandit's Pass sanctuary (it was still hostile, both players are in the Defiler Creed). Sellsword placed in Bandit's Pass.

After that Player 2 was host. Both players killed the Sodden Knight, the Queen of Smiles and then the Mad Alchemist in Player 2's world. The bag usually holding the Mossy Key was empty. Bandit's Pass, Village of Smiles and Watching Woods sanctuaries were all vanquished.

Switched host to Player 1. Killed the remaining bosses up to the Mad Alchemist. The bag with the key was also empty. Unable to progress.

Workaround: Switch to a third, different character that holds the keys to open the doors.