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I cheated and gave myself 99 of these fragments, the first place they will combine into the soul of Nadalia is next to the lowermost floor bonfire, in brume tower. They didn't want to combine in any other place. Someone be a good chap and add this to the wiki, please.

Nobody likes cheaters
This post gave me manic depression
Stupid Cheater.
You suck
Lmao look at all these children. Play how you want, man. You spent the money.
"Lmao look at all these children. Play how you want, man. You spent the money."

Oh the stupidity of this. Yes. Lets absolutely encourage cheating in a game with *online PvP* as one of the core mechanics and draws to the game.

It honestly doesn't matter to me if someone cheats in single player*****. I do it from time to time. Big deal.

Online games? No. ***** you. You are wrong. End of discussion. Cheating online in any from, single player or otherwise is never okay. Go for it offline all you want. Dedicate a single character to cheating and never use it online if you want, but ***** this "you bought it play how you want" mentality for online*****. You are wrong.
Jesus, calm down everybody. He literally only did this to test where the souls would combine, it's not for his own good.
people whining about nothing
i guess a lot of people are too dumb to realize that the most effective way to test this kind of stuff is to utilize the same tools cheaters use. A ton of the info on this wiki is obtained this way. Most people just don't admit it. So lets ***** because this dude is honest... Gg
i bet that salty whiner loses in pvp a lot and blames it on ppl using cheats. then rants on fextralife about cheaters... thx for the lulz dude
Uh...Do you guys realized that most things in this wiki was discovered through cheating? Also OP didin't mention anywhere that he used cheats in online play /PvP. Don't make hasty generalization.
Being hyperreactive to cheats indicate inability to chill, gitgut, and unable to see matter objectively.
Meh :|
In most single-player games "cheats" are actually code put into a debug console...the tool developers created and used to debug and test the game. Here we see the reverse scenario :)
thanks for testing
I was trying to activate one of the statues around fume when a smelter crushed me with his hammer. I couldn't interact with the statue after that.
So... I somehow got a consumeable soul with another 11 unconsumeable soul. I didn't break anything I hope???
fume knights soul looks similar
They reset on going to NG+ so if you forget to pick one up or die before you can, you're ****.
This game is such *******
They don't disappear like most items if you die or leave.
seems someone didn't inform himself properly and thinks the game is responsible for him being dumb :)
Not true i died and it stayed there lol
"Well you're ****ed" :)
When idiot playing game
Dying or leaving the tower definitely does not make them despawn. Accidentally forgot to pick one up then scrambled all over the place looking after I realized. Having died and left a few times fighting bosses. Finally just found it.
Is this for scholar of the first sins
The fragments won't carry on to NG+ (on PS4 at least), so you have to collect all 12 in one playthrough.