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From what I can remember about nue he is best engaged after he does his lunging attack that he falls on his side. Strafe around to his face and hit him 2-3 times and he will be fully out of stamina. At this point you can rag doll the boss around for a good 2-3 combo's before he gets struck by lightning again and recharges his stamina fully. Fighting him before this point is very deadly.
Also drops Nue's mask. +20% extra lightning damage
Nue is ONLY hard because of the environment. Yes, the Nue in The Demon of Mount Hiel is much easier because you're not constantly being blocked by rails.
there is a small hut in the area....lure him around and when his 4 lightnings come just step inside,they wont hit ya and attack his yellow breats with spear or kusa...and his stamina falls rapidly :D
Whenever Nue uses a lightning attack, his belly will glow. If you attack his belly when it's glowing, he will be instantly staggered. I think the lightning beam from his face attack is probably the easiest to do this as it's slow and very predictable, but whatever works.



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Does Nue even have more than one phase? It might be a little faster as the fight goes on, but I'm not seeing any new attacks.
If you still have problems against this boss, i can share that when your in front of him he will charge a lighting beam attack, dodge to the left allways and you get some easy hits in!
you can actually cheese this boss with the small hut on the right side of the room after letting it break the 4 walls, stand on the opposite side of the hut since he cant enter it. He will rinse and repeat only 3 moves which are easy to dodge with low stance. Poison breathe, laser beam and lightning strike which is an easy opening since you can just enter the hut and smack him good.
That's a good tactic if you're stuck on him, but I would recommend fighting him honestly. You face Nue later on too you know, and things will get very nasty if you don't know how to fight him out in the open.
Kato + Big axe + Living weapon = Done without a death in less than 2 minutes