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worth the kill 10/10
i don´t think so,in the scholar of the first sin edition if you kill last giant and pursuer and go to lost bastille you can get the silver serpent ring+1 and a fragrant branch of yore immediately near the first bonfire(be careful,there´s a pursuer in that zone,but a parry and a homeward bone can solve the problem easily)
You can get a copy of her ring in lost bastille so not that good loot
WTF, I have sholar of the 1st sin, (It says it on the game case, and I have killed the scholar of the 1st sin) But I still can't get the fragrent branch of Yore, I also can't find a lot of the items the wiki says you can find in scholar of the 1st sin, wtf why can't I find anything.
Cause you're a piece of*****
If you added it using a DLC code you were either given the wrong one by the store or it hasn't downloaded properly. I had this issue for the 360 version. if you go into your purchase history and re-download it should be fine.
Old but, it varies upon which version of Scholar of the First Sin. PS3, 360 PC DX9 I believe are vanilla with a few extras. The other version has the full extras such as the fragrant branc of your.
Yeah, older consoles get screwed of a lot of good stuff and bad invaders
in dialogue , not after spending 1,000 souls , its 10,000 ...
looking into her hood she looks like deadpool, it's nasty
I killed her and i needed to buy a branch of yore and pharros lockstone after i killed her
You sorry fool.
She gave me the Serpent Ring +1 for free after I talked to her.
She said "Take these, if you want them. Keh heh heh…".
Can I revive her?
Yes, on the next NG cycle
fav character
I wonder how she got a hold of the blacksmith's key. Shady old hag...
My current guess is that she plucked it off some other unfortunate sod who nicked it from Leingrast, tried to flee, and met a grisly fate in the Forest