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shes hot
i just had her in my wet dream chopping me to bits with her cleaver
Bruh, are you high?
I suppose she is.
I got killed by her once.
That's rough, buddy
she`s not there.
Can be killed with little to no effort buy shooting her with a bow. Be quick and shoot her when she tries to sharpen her blade. You will cancel it and she will keep trying as you repeatedly shoot her out of it. If done right she becomes a pin cushion
So did they remove her in a patch because when I got there I just found the equipment?
No she was there for me
The wiki says her name is Isabella the Mad. Confirmation?
Isabella the mad?
My first playthrough I figured this was the Dark Souls iteration of a Crack Wh*re. Half Naked Chick, Ruined Clothes, Throws her own Bodily Waste at you, only wants you for the In-Game Currency of Souls...


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Does she only appear once per save? I couldn't find her in NG++