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By Anonymous
who ever wrote this is the most useless **** alive, thanks
By Anonymous
Why is everyone on fextra life such as ***.
By Anonymous
Because everyone's a killer behind a keyboard.
By Anonymous
Anonymity does that to people
By Anonymous
Not a single enemy in this dlc isn’t annoying as hell. The bosses are great but I hate everything else
By Anonymous
Agreed. Every enemy in this DLC is designed to piss you off as much as possible.

The infinite murkmen make exploration in the Dreg Heap full of tension, there's a SWAMP level (something literally everyone hates and yet is added to From games again and again). Angels do nothing but spam endlessly. The hollow bandits are always hiding somewhere trying to gank you, the poison hollows will kill you for no reason if you can't find them fast enough, and I don't even need to talk about the Judicators. Even the enemies that are fun to fight against, like the Ringed Knights, Harald Legion and Big Locusts, are always placed in groups to make it as unfair as possible. Combine that with Midir, a meme boss with 10000000 health, the looping maze in Shared Grave and the **** "puzzle" that can only be solved by google, this DLC is a big yikes.

It does have some highlights though, jumping down the Dreg Heap is always fun, both locations are beautiful af, Gael is a great final boss, the weapons and armor you find are really cool, and Lapp's quest is nice. I wish we could have met the Pygmy Lords though, they were clearly alive and well when you were there, just tucked away somewhere in the city.
By Anonymous
@Anon 24 Aug 2021

The reason why people hate swamp areas is because they slow you down and/or poison you. This doesn't do either of those things. It's really just a wide open area with a thin layer of water. I agree with most everything else tho, 80% of everything before Halflight sucks.
By Anonymous
Lets make the weapons in this DLC super op and imminently abandon the game right after so we don't have to patch them. Good one From
By Anonymous
who is the guy at the start of the ringed city 2nd part? he looked like the pygmy kings
By Anonymous
Furtive pygmy (say's me)
By Anonymous
About to start this DLC for nth time, with my moonlight sorcerer build. How are sorcery spells vs enemies in this DLC? I know pyromancer struggles against the Demons and Midir.
By Anonymous
Nevermind, just beat the dlc. Sorceries work well, but they do need to be supplemented by your weapon, pure mage builds seem to struggle. The spells used were mainly great soul arrow, heavy great soul arrow, soul greatsword, dark blade, and affinity. Also occasional use of pestilent mercury, and soul stream. Intelligence at 50-60 throughout the dlc.
By Anonymous
It's called Pestilent Mist, you virgin.
By Anonymous
Really appreciate all the callbacks to Ds2 in this DLC. If only Fromsoft realized sooner just how great that game was
By Anonymous
"If only Fromsoft realized sooner how great the game was" i don't understand this statement. Are you saying they didn't gave DS2 as much atention? Or are you saying that there aren't enogth DS2 references in DS3? Because as far as i know From is really confident with DS2, damn, they even re-released the game
By crackwizard1911
I would've loved it if they added some more though, like the Sacred Chime Hammer, Smelter Sword, Velstadt's armor or the Heide knight set. They were arguably some of the most iconic items from DS2.
By Anonymous
Anonymous 10 May, I think OP said that due to how little callbacks Ds3 gave Ds2 when it first launched. Especially when compared to all the references to Ds1 and Bloodborne.
By Anonymous
Anon jun 10th. There are zero references to bloodborne outside of fanfic bullcrap in dark souls games. Seperate universes, stop trying to find a relationship. Its like saying star wars and indiana jones happened in the same verse because of harrison ford. its the stupist **** and so are the fans who over think this *******
By Anonymous
Anon 28 July, the 10th july anon was saing references to bloodborne contents, like similar things not in-universe lore references (ex: the item dropped by the finale boss of the Ringed City DLC is a clear bloodborne reference, but that doesn't mean bb is in ds universe)
By Anonymous
Ngl the +3 rings being locked behind dlc is kinda bs on FromSoftwares part
By Anonymous
Why? Calling that bs is like saying there shouldn't be anything new available in a dlc
By Anonymous
If you get the fire fades edition you get all dlc
By Anonymous
Imagine getting the game THIS long after release without all the DLC lmao git gud sün
By Anonymous
Met a friendly invader by the name of Meldcore, showed us the way to the bonfire and then to the bossroom before killing us.
Thank you Meldcore <3
- From Aldwyn and Soma
By Anonymous
It's weird, I remember the Ringed City on my first playthrough, but I don't remember the Demon Prince bossfight nor the areas after the Dreg Heap.
Well, now that I'm back after a few years, I get to experience this again.
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