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There is a slab in the boss room with gale. When you leave the bonfire go left against the stone wall. There is a knight with the paired great swords. Kill him for the slab
+3 rings omg what a joke
steel protection +3 adds only +1 and +0.5 defense while +2 adds like 3,4 defense compared to default ring
havel +3 only adds %0.6 extra carry capacity
at 1st when i get +3 steel and havel ''i was like omg here we go finally a complete tank'' but yet again complete disappointment.
I'm sure the absolutely jack they were obligated to proved you would have went over even better with the fanbase.
Tank builds are still possible. Just don't expect the same tankiness as in DS1 or 2 and you will have to deal with fat role. Most people just don't want or can that so tank builds are a rather rare thing in DS3. But here and there you will find them, in Coop for example. I even made one for invasions. And he is quite effective I must say. What most people also forget is the fact that heavy armor gives you poise. The thing you need in order your attack will not be canceled. Wear heavy armor and your hits will land. No matter what. I only feel comfortable with poise over 30.
You do know these rings are only to compensate for low stats right?
Alright there's a glitch sometimes, it happened when I summoned other players (which I had never done on 1st playthoughs in the whole franchise, I just found this boss to be particularly BS even more than midir (I was on NG+10)) anyways it happened twice, once during his 1st phase and once during his 2nd phase,he stops moving when ganked as if he was looking for his internet box, I still don't know if it ruined my experience or if it was a blessing.
I'm talking about Gael btw
I ran into a somewhat similar issue on Halflight (offline) in one fight. My character froze in place, and Halflight couldn't attack me and I couldn't attack her. The game wasn't frozen, we just couldn't do anything. I just wrote it off as a fluke, but thought I'd mention it.
I noticed that on Gael if you give him enough status effects he freezes. On my faith build I would use toxic mist as well as pestilent mercury and it would break him. No idea why. Happened multiple times
had much less trouble with him than with Pontiff or the second stage it's just more show than anything else. (Ng++)
My ringed city map is not working as soon as i enter it the game gets stuck kn the loading screen please help me
Delete game off console and re download game and dlcs.
Delete the game off of your system and re download the game and the dlcs. It works fine afterwards. You won't lose any game progress. It's a pain, but that's how I got mine to work.
the bonfires aren't appearing for me, I have the season pass, my Dark Souls 3 did update, I've tried porting back and forth, tried going offline and then loading in, tried flat out reloading the save in Firelink and then going to Sister Friede, but nothing.
Edit: I'm on Xbox, I do not have anything Dark Souls related in my Ready to Install
Another Edit: I have killed every boss including the Soul of Cinder
Edit: turns out it didn't install on it's own
You know whats the funniest thing about dlc?
Thats the most weapon (the most usefull ones for sure) are perfect for quality build.
Isnt that great trying to break the meta? ISNT THE BALANCING GOODISNT THE MAGIC USEFULL


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Are you *****ing dumb?
There seems to be a typo, as all the complaints about this DLC's difficulty mean the starting SL was clearly meant to remain at 9001.

100+? THAT'S the April Fool's Joke.
Yeah, there're probably a lot in your mouth and ***, *****.
don't know if this problem exists for everyone or if its a crazy coincidence but throughout the entire dlc I have not been able to find a single summon sign to cooperate anywhere nor have I been summoned as I place my summon signs on every boss and wait quite a while. I have tested it with all of my 10 characters of varying levels and playthroughs to no avail. if someone could inform me if this is a glitch possibly
Have you tried turning on Cross-region play? Maybe you have a password set, but not likely. Could also be a soft ban possibly for some reason as long as it says it when you start up your game.
now I feel dumb but I appreciate it a lot. I always have cross region on but I haven't played ds3 since the last dlc so I forgot last time I had a password on to help my brother out. brain fart
Nothing to be ashamed about. Could happen to anyone. And you soloed the DLC like a real oldschooler. Much respect for that from me.
Lmao I mace that mistake and was getting pissed one time cuz I wouldn't get summoned while trying to get sunlight medals. Is easy to over look stone it is not immediately apparent
Can i still invade as a spear of church when i woke up Filianore?
Yes, you can
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Oh man...