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By Anonymous
if i attacked, she cant sellme stuff 4eva?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
You can talk to Oswald (guy in the tower under the first bell of awakening) and request absolution which undos any accidental attacks on npcs
By Anonymous
You freaking hero. I thought. I lost access to poison arrows forever.
By Anonymous
Lol I just accidentally did the same thing. Oops. Tried to quit the game before save but too late
By Anonymous
No u can talk to the guy in the church sfter u beat the gargoyles a request absolutio.It costs a lot of souls though
By Anonymous
Doesn't cost a lot if you're SL1, pleb
By Anonymous
okay i didnt know
By Anonymous
It costs a lot if its a no soul run plebbbb
By Anonymous
Just like my teammates when they die.
By Rokaz
The best comment ;d
By Anonymous
she doesn't sell prism stones. that's a lie.
By Anonymous
She does. I just bought some from her today.
By Anonymous
she's hot
By Anonymous
bruh moment
By Anonymous
She is hot af
By Anonymous
Finally some necro fellows :^)
By Anonymous
bruh no cap
By Anonymous
best waifu
By Anonymous
Hollow soldier is hot
By Anonymous
Scared the***** out of the first time i saw that short cut. Annoying as all hell, those merchants.
By Anonymous
Best soul waifu
By Anonymous
no stop
By Anonymous
Not gonna lie, her and her laugh are kinda cute in a weird, creepy sorta way.
By Anonymous
Best merchant
By Anonymous
What do you think you're doing?! I have my pride, you damn fool! You think you can get away with murder? Yes, I suppose you think you're special! Well, you're not! You're just another customer! Burn! Burn in hell! You cross-eyed Hollow! There's no hope for anyone like you! The Gods will not have it! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die a thousand times again! Curses upon you! Upon you, and yours,for generations eternal! All of you! Eternal pain and suffering! Lots and lots! A curse upon you...
By Anonymous
Thanks for making sure I'll never ever kill her :(
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By Wolf_Pwnz_Noobs
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Woah that's what she says if you Attack her? Sorry I'm wholly against killing the NPCs even for their unique items it's against my integrity and mindset I just can't do it.
By Anonymous
"Curses upon you! Upon you, and yours, for generations eternal!"
This sounds eerily similar to
"They'll be cursed. Along with their children, and their children's children, for all time to come..." that the dung eater says in elden ring