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Is this gear good or is it balanced with the rest? Also asking if it comes with the scythe.
The scythe is sold seperatly, stats wise it looks pretty bad which is a shame
Its stats are a little on the low side, which makes sense since this is essentially the prototype hunter garb, and his designs were later improved upon.
Stats are not the best, however the scythe is usable, and is fairly good if your a fan of not using a gun, or a fan of DS1's Greatswords. (Yes, I know the 1-hand is a Curved Greatsword, but is closer in moveset and timings to DS1 greatswords.)
the unobtainable gloves Gherman wears look similar to the Henryk set gloves
It does look similar, but Henryk's gloves lack the metal plates that Gehrman wears. The cape he wears is also similar to the one featured in the Charred Hunter set, but Gehrman's is more red on the inside. His top hat is a little more curled than the standard top hat, too.
That sucks. I really wish we could get his set when you fight him. I really hope from makes a bloodborne 2 and adds a lot more goodies than the first. Felt like they cut corners...
This game was in production before they started work on dark souls 2 they didn't cut corners on this unfortunately since Miyazaki was working on this masterpiece ds2 suffered so in short your wrong this game was in development for years and from soft didn't cut corners if you actually learned to appreciate the majesty of the game you'd see that
It's definitely a shame Gehrman's boss outfit isn't in, but if you choose the pants from this set, the Old Hunter Garb as the top, Constable Gloves for the hands and the regular Top Hat, you get, as far as I can tell from trying a ton of combinations and matching up with pictures, the closest you can get to recreate Gehrman's boss look, and it's a pretty dope combination. You could use the Charred Hunter top too I guess for the higher collar, but overall Old Hunter fits better.
Does anyone else get the same weird issue where the right part of the garb constantly clips in and out of your character? The garb looks really cool with the set I'm using but that clipping just makes me not want to use it
Definitely would've vouched for the "scythe badass, death incarnate" set instead of "creepy doll-fricking old guy set"
both, both is good
If only you could get his boss set
Just wear the Top Hat, that's what he wears during the boss fight
He means the cloak
Missed opportunity with Gehrman's Hunter Trousers. It should only gave the player one shoe.
big brain comment. I like that idea!
Gehrman's wheelchair set