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Can you be summoned while in another Covenant?
I dont think so but check if the symbol next to your health bar is pulsating while wearing the ring , if so then yes
It says join this covenant and Wear this ring
This covenant is dead. Only ppl summoning, are ppl with red phantoms "ally" trying to kill you for easy rank.


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This hasn't been my experience.
Had this happen to me once. 2 gankers thought they were going to get some easy levels. Not so. I use a high lvl swordsman build. Usually pwrstancing a warped sword and sunlight sword and a Havels hybrid set. Between that and some complementary hexes, I pinned them down in the second Melphanita building. Too bad I didnt have toxic mist attuned..
So that is why I cannot be summoned, nor invade as an arbiter spirit nowadays? That's sad.
the covenant mark in the HUD glows near the cathedral of blue bonfire, while invasion orbs are disabled, does this mean the cathedral is a safe zone from which to be summoned by way of the blue members?
can you be summoned while having a invocation sign on the floor?