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By Anonymous
"Vengarl's summoning symbol will appear in front of the fog door, after attacking the Ancient Dragon but he is not helpful." Why?
By Anonymous
because if you summon him it will scale the health of the boss and make the boss harder, and usually phantoms in this game aren't really the best at dealing damage + they can die easily leaving you with a boss that has scaled health
By Anonymous
Also, if you opt for the "big toe" strategy, the summon will screw up the dragon's AI
By Anonymous
"Tip: Don't try to clear the hitbox for his downward flame..." What is 'clear a hitbox'?
By Anonymous
"The Ancient Dragon is not weak to magic or dark..." That is not what the top of the page says.
By Anonymous
yeah i dont know why every dark souls wiki is filled with random dumb **** like that. nearly every page on any ds wiki will have some random talking out of his ***.
By Anonymous
"The only thing that makes this boss hard is his Rain of Fire attack that will kill you in one hit" The stomps kill me in one hit.
By Anonymous
Why my souls are always outside the boss arena?
By Anonymous
This fight demands no skill
By Anonymous
If you're a mage, this fight is very easy. I equipped fire defense rings and cast Flash Sweat and then just cast spell at him. He will only do fire attacks which will barely damage you. The only problem is running out of spells since his HB bar is so bloated, but I just grabbed my sword and smacked him to get rid of his last 20-30% HP.
By Anonymous
just bait the Breath Of Fire and the fight will be very easy
By Anonymous
I feel guilty
By Anonymous
Actually super easy. Just don't go for the head. Unless it's Midir don't go for the head. Never.
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