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By Anonymous
That moment when everything's just going fine, he's 1 or 2 hits from dying...

...and then he 1 shots you. Fun stuff.
By Anonymous
just did the toe methond he was first try dead in under 2 mins and he never did any other attacks. i didn't even do any positioning i just ran from one leg to the other always staying under him attacking his inner toes
By Anonymous
Same! I was just coming here to comment the same thing. It’s brilliant, I’m gonna bonfire aesthetic now because greed
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Alright so what i did was have a greatsword +10 (you should have around 50 str if you are a big bonk build) Run towards his tail when he does the air fire. Then keep on staying behind him and do ONE SWING With your weapon, if you do two he will do a stomp and you will have no stamina left to dodge.

Hit his heel once, run towards tail and repeat, (YOU COULD HIT HIS TAIL IF YOU HAVE ENOUGH ADP TO DODGE) Make sure to stock up on lifegems because you will use most of your flasks during the awful runback.

I would say it took around 7 mins to kill him doing 500 dmg per swing. If you are about to end stamina when running from the fire make sure to jump as you will gain more distance.
I also had no Resin to use on my sword, so using resin will you help a lot. You can get it from the merchant in the shaded woods, take the left side when entering the fog.

Hope that helps.
By Anonymous
Killed him with fuma greatsword first try ez pezzy.
By Anonymous
What if this game had a gigantic boss that becomes untarget (if you're playing melee) having an insane amount of HP (even on NG) and also had many moves that could one shot the player... wow, that would be a true nightmare eh?
By Anonymous
For those who are struggling with this boss, here's a way to cheese and make him very very easy, and I'm not even joking

First enchant your weapon with lighting, it can be any weapon as long as you're able to enchant it, I used Lost Sinner Sword +5 cause it has big damage

The strat is as soon as you enter the arena run towards his feet, whenever he flies, run towards his tail and follow it, you'll not be hit by his fire attack. Stay at his toes, between the middle and index toe, stay as close as possible and attack, if he does his stomp attack don't panic, just beware when he does and simply roll forward, his stomp will land behind you, usually far away from you, then you get back between his toes and continue the process. If he does his fire attack where he breaths fire between his legs without flying DON'T PANIC, stay as close as possible between his toes and take this opportunity to land as many hits as possible, if you stay close between his toes this attack will not hit you.

1 final tip: when he's going to do his stomp attack he rises his feet in the air, without any other movement. But when he's going to do he's breath fire attack between his legs, he attacks a small step forward, it's pretty obvious when he does, so put this in mind and notice those patterns before you decide to land multiple hits or dodge.

This strat makes him really easy guys no cap, I did it first try I'm not even kidding
By Anonymous
Correction: "But when he's going to do his fire attack between his legs, he TAKES a small step forward"

Also credits to the YouTube channel Hallis, it was there that I saw this strat

By Anonymous
lmao just keep getting knocked off the arena
By Anonymous
This is the only wall I'm currently stuck at. I can't fight Vendrick or Nashandra with their ******* defense because I don't have the 5th giant soul and it's so frustrating to fight the ancient dragon, hell I'm more than lucky to even survive the way there because of all the endgame heavy hitting enemies. Literally a whole new level of unfair
By Anonymous
1. Giant Souls don’t effect Nashandra

2. Vendrick is a pushover at 4 souls, just stay behind him. If his back is to the wall, run away so he does his heavily telegraphed leap attack then get back to it
By Anonymous
Level 300+ mfs in the comments be like: I killed this boss easily, no sweat
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