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By Anonymous
Anyone know the chances of stones being dropped? Ive been farming for a darknight stone FOREVER, gotten every single other stone and i want to know what the odds for a drop are.
By Anonymous
Equip some kind of loot modifier and go to the Undead Crypt. You'll get 1 every couple minutes killing the endless ghost guys.
By Anonymous
Chloanne sells those
By Anonymous
There's also one in Heide Tower.
By Anonymous
Right after the boss battle, as you move underground, there is one in an alcove. Tread carefully.
By MrSrgsnowman
Goodness... That's the most horrifying basilisk picture they could have used

"hue hue hue, let me whisper in yo ear"
By Anonymous
This should be updated to include the basilisks in Things Betwixt behind the petrified statue.
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By Hems100
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The Darknight stone definitely has a lower drop rate than the other stones. I farmed for 4-6 hours with item discovery gear in order to get 5 of Darknight stones and ended up with 20+ of all the other types, Raw being the most common.
By Anonymous
Uhm there’s way more Basilisk then just those places. What about Things Betwixt for starters? this pre Scholar? I’ve only played Scholar
By Anonymous
Pretty sure this is pre-Scholar.
By Anonymous
So is there any chance of this being cleaned up with info from sotfs?
By Anonymous
These things creep me the **** out I hate them
By Anonymous
105 drops. Basilisks *cannot* drop Old Mundane Stones. Needs to be removed.