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By Anonymous
why is my pfp bender?
By Anonymous
Mine is too.
By Anonymous
ashen one...
By Anonymous
hearest thou my voice, still...?
By Anonymous
Needs update,
this is mostly a copy of alonne Knight page
By Anonymous
They're very weak to Dark. Busting through them right after finishing Iron Keep with a SL89 and a Dark Weapon buff.
By Anonymous
Why in the world do the ashen knights have the exact same description as the alonne knight? That's not right, yo.
By nightcoremoon
Two whole years went by and not a single person bothered fixing the description from a literal Copy/Paste from the Alonne Knight Captain page? Tsk tsk, I'll fix it myself.
By Anonymous
They look like the undead hero from guardian heroes
By Anonymous
Most annoying common enemy
By L4G
They are more weak to dark.