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By L4G
They are more weak to dark.
By Anonymous
The fact that ashen warrior axe and halberd variations do not drop the actual weapons is just baffling
By Anonymous
I can’t believe that these enemies only drop their unique sword, not the battle axe or halberd. It even says that their weapons were forged by an artisan, but they drop normal weapons, that’s just lazy design.
By Anonymous
Crystal Soul Spear doesn't seem to be hardly putting a dent in these on regular NG (ascetic Freja for the spell). Using a +10 magic infused Witch Tree Branch and 50 Int. I'm able to down Alonne Knight Captains with a single spear. Hexes might be the go-to magic here according to some of the comments below.
By Anonymous
The witch tree branch is more hex dedicated use staff of wisdom(mimic at tseldora base camp) black witch staff or staff of amana
By Anonymous
Man as much as the DLC locations are the best in the game, the enemies sure suck enough to make up for it
By Anonymous
Well it seems they're very weak to lightning from what I see while I'm fighting them.
By Anonymous
Alluring Skulls or Yearn will set these assh*les in their place. Do not explore Brume Tower or Iron Passage without these.
By Anonymous
Why are they vomiting every 5 seconds ?
By Anonymous
they take almost no damage from my dark ball spell
By Anonymous
Dark ball?
By Anonymous
Aren't they weak to strike?