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can this weapon be buffed?
Without being able to wear the Old Dragonslayer (Ornstein)'s armor the spear doesn't give as much joy.
agreed dragon set is as close as you're gonna to lil ol' ornstein.
Fighting Kalameet in Dark Souls 1 while doing a full Ornstein dragonslayer cosplay was honestly one of my favourite memories of the game.
good weapon, kinda sucks that you cant get it earlier on in the game
RIGHT down the road!
Right down the road?
I think you can get it about 1-2 hours its not that hard
Can't miss it!


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Lightning Grand Lance is better imo
Infused with lightning the Grand Lance just seems to have better scaling and you can get it pretty early


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Is not that good, don't have good damage and the special attack sucks, it destroys the weapon too easy. Heide spear is better than this
Yeah. Its base damage and scalling give as low total as if it were compensation for powerfull special. Except special is rather bad.
Feels like having 200$ income and paying 250$ of taxes.
Sadly the weapon that should be a great faith weapon is just complete garbage.
Try Heide Spear for your faith build. Some good lightning damage with the infusion and Sunlight Blade miracle.