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Also requires 16 Faith
can this be spell buffed?
It says "Enchantable" but it cant be buffed with spells :/
Header claims aux is 150, down the article aux is 120. Which is the correct one?
120 is correct
Count this weapon +0 as +5 in the weaponmarchmaking category?



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After using this on Seath, and immediately switching to miracles, I quickly learned just how much magic defense he has.
Use lighting weapons and spells
I mean he is the father of all sorcery
Nico of Thorolund also has a chance to drop this while he is hollow, he dropped it to me in catacombs.
ehh, no he doesnt drop anything. nice try though
oh great, a decent divine weapon you'll most likely obtain after divine weapons expend their usefulness.
very easy to obtain this early, but the stat requirements make it useless. The Astora straight sword you can obtain and use right after you leave the asylum, and clear the catacombs with at level 10.
It's still useful for the Nito fight I guess
A faith build will find it useful.
Str 18, Dex 16, Fth 40

Divine Battle Axe +10 = 160/195 (+14/+97) - Total AS: 466 (Weight 4, 250 Durability)
Crescent Axe +5 = 172/172 (+23/+120) - Total AS: 488 (Weight 7, 180 Durability)

If you have the weight to spare, and you're not going to go forever between fires to repair it, it's a 4.7% upgrade over the nearest comparable weapon.
It's made for faith builds it has the best scaling aside from Grant so a good alternative for someone who doesn't want to put 50 points into strength
looks like a really big indo-persian axe
Option 1: Pay Patches 10,000 souls.
Option 2: Kill Patches.

That's a tricky choice..........
That was uncharitably done, dear friend.