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By dubloon7
if a ring breaks, can it be repaired at the bonfire or blacksmith, like in DS2 and DS3?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Rings can't break.
By Anonymous
no it can't. when it breaks then it just vanish
By Anonymous
yes man
By Petyr_Baelish
Ring of Sacrifice, Rare Ring of Sacrifice and Ring of Favor and Protection can not be repaired once they are broken... And other rings can't break if I remember correctly.
By Anonymous
Since there's no durability stated I presume most of the rings aren't supposed to break.
Those who do - will vanish.
By Anonymous
Lest we perish first
By Anonymous
Fleshbite Ring is missing... now I don't remember where i got it
By Anonymous
It's a DS3 item
By Anonymous
No, that's a ring from DS3
By Anonymous
Calamity Ring OP
By Anonymous
Pls nerf
By Anonymous
wai the hel wud eniwan weyer that ring?
By Anonymous
Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring + Ring of Fog = Interplanetary Ninja Assasin!
By Anonymous
I'm actually doing an assassin type build around that. I'm hoping it will work like I think it will
By Anonymous
I want a ring that changes the phantom look to normal look when in coop.
By Anonymous
It’s not in DS/R
By Anonymous
ringius vanityus
By Anonymous
untrue dark ring. it retains both human appearance while hollow (per the item desc) plus while a phantom. i use it for a meme build so you can't tell who is host, then we play find the host with meme sneep i, ii, and iii (i'm i)
By Anonymous
It’s in DS1?
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By Unbreakable_Patches
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No it's not in DS1, this dumbass is supposed to be in the DS3 wiki with the other autistic ***.
By Anonymous
What rings you got ****?
By Anonymous
Havel's and FaP of course. What do you think I am, a casul?
By Anonymous
With those 2 on yes
By Xxxzzzccc
Hornet and DWGR of course. What do you think I am, a tank?
By Anonymous
Dusk and Clamity ring of course what do you think i am a miracle build?
By Anonymous
Silvercat ring gone now? :(
By Anonymous
There never was a silvercat ring in DS.
By Anonymous
There was one in demon souls. But that***** unplayable.
By Anonymous
Your *** is unplayable.
By Anonymous
Despacito: Dame Tu Cosita Remix
By Anonymous
I will devour your soul and brains.