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I got this from the twin crossbow guy. It looks a lot like the mask worn by the firekeeper in Dark Souls 3.
the mask stakes with unleash magic and clutch rings
Dark souls 3 sure was lazy with the ringed city content



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I got two masks in one run ;p
Why is this page so *****ed up?
its the same for the Ivory King Armor



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today got domino mask from blue dual Avelyn phantom (Belfry Sol), also same time Mad Warrior and red bell phantom spawned (PS4)
It should be noted here that the Black Witch Veil has a 100% drop from a red phantom called Gutter Denizen. As the name suggests, he spawns in The Gutter below the second bonfire. In order for him to appear you must light Every Single sconce in the level. While it's a pain to light them all, the Black Witch Veil gives you immunity to Curse. Yes... immunity.
in many playthrought, despite always lighting all sconces (as it help knowing where i have gone if i need to get souls backs) i have never encountered the fantom you describe.
There is an invader trigered by a specific sconce (the one near the chest), but none where you describe.

and immunity to curse can be gotten two other ways : the ring (same bonus as the veil) sold by two merchant and the dlc crowns after improvement,, make one immune to both curse and hollowing on desk.
sotfs only
the location of the domino mask in this game is pretty dumb. lore wise, i dunno why some random npc who isnt WEARING THE MASK OR USES MAGIC is the one to drop it, and the fact that he doesnt respawn AND its a rare drop is just smh.
To be clear : mask adds to all damaging spells not just sorceries (1162 damage sunlight spear becomes 1197 damage, 362 dmg great fireball becomes 373 dmg, as examples)