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By Anonymous
It's strange because his armor has a lot of defense +300 but the enemies take as much life from me as with normal armor
By Anonymous
One of the coolest characters in this game. Meet him Shaded Woods after the spooky fog forest and this former warrior ponders the questions of life and the importance of not always fighting and then tells you to continue YOUR journey. 10/10
By Anonymous
Replying back to my original comment to say that I summoned him for the final fight and saw that he was FAT ROLLING! No wonder he got his head cut off…
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By MatinArtorias
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I want to be like vengarl,having no body and nobody, just my head chilling in peace for the rest of my life
By Anonymous
Where is his summon's page or just the list of areas/bosses he's a summon for?
By Anonymous
Nem sempre perder a cabeça é ruim, no caso desse cara que era muito hostil, agora ele é uma cabeça gente boa.
By Anonymous
Concordo plenamente, as vezes eu queria ser só uma cabeça gente boa também.
By Anonymous
Kind of miss the old location of his body. I remember being freaked out bumping into him after killing Freja.
By Anonymous
I wished there was a bonfire close so i could sit and chill with him, but then I thought, the sound bonfires make would probably make him go mad
By Anonymous
I wish this guy had more of a questline than just "Talk to him a bit, and beat up his possessed headless body", He's one of my favorite characters... And his voice is kinda hot
By Anonymous
Definitely the best npc in the game.
By Anonymous