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By Anonymous
This shield looks just as bad as my butthole when I'm constipated
By Black_Iron_Bob
If only this had 90% physical block like the Grass Crest Shield from DS1. 60% phys block is horrible for a shield. Especially the late game. That little bit of extra stam regen is not worth it when it's pretty damn easy to get Chloranthy +1 and even +2 in New Game, and the fact that you'd be letting 40% physical damage get through each block. Yes, I know how to dodge things well, but shields are VERY useful in DS2 for damage negation if you use them properly.
By Anonymous
Where did you read "60% phys block" ?
By Anonymous
Also have you never heard of, oh I don't know, upgrading it?
By Anonymous
Lol the replies it's 75% but that's still too low and 45 stability also upgrading it doesn't add enough to make it worthwhile to block with
By Anonymous
the Undead Aberration has been replaced with the Flexile Sentry in NG. (Actually the Flexile Sentry is there without NG+)

Why not just edit it so it says: the Undead Aberration has been replaced with the Flexile Sentry.

By Anonymous
i have this shield equipped for my sorcerer, but i have been wondering, do i need to have the strenght needed for this shield if i want the stamina regen to work?
By Anonymous
You could wear it and see if the green aura is around you or not and also compare your stamina regen with and without. Self discovery is awesome.
By Anonymous
Chloranthy ring + Blossom Kite Shield
with two handed asylum demon's Hammer
to be continued...
By Anonymous
It loses 2.5 poison defense when upgrading to +10 regular? It starts at 95% and says that at +10 it's 92.5...
By Anonymous
I've just upgraded it to +10 in SoTFS, it's poison resistance is 96.2%.
By Anonymous
Wow this shield looks terrible... I miss my bae Grass Crest
By Anonymous
Kek, the dislikes on your comment, didn't know redditors existed here.
By Anonymous
What's up with all the dislikes. I mean. The Weed Shield is very stylish - nothing wrong with missing it right?
By Anonymous
This shield and Chloranthy ring are obligatory to have equipped it, since in this game your character's vigor is slower than an asthmatic smoker.
By Anonymous
Not if you keep your equip load light and use light weapons. I'm a dex hexer who uses sanctum shield. But yeah when 2-handing, it's a must. Just seems silly not to switch to it and have it on my back whenever I need to use scythe of want.