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When she mentions the Lost sinner, could she be talking about the player in the first game?
No... In DS2, there's a boss called "The Lost Sinner", found at the Sinner's Rise... Many players say that she remind them of Artorias because of her moveset.
She's most definitely the reincarnation of the witch of Izalith, trying yet again to light the first flame
A cat is fine too.
Quite the charmer ahead therefore try holding with both hands.
Try tail!
What does she drop when killed?
Read the bullet points;

Cannot be killed.
You’re so mean! Why would you hurt the kitty???
Your corpse
A massive horde of invaders and hostile NPCs who hunt you forever for murdering a talking cat
yummy cat soup
Smash or pass: Shalquoir Like = Smash Dislike = Pass


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Oh most certainly smash. After all, she likes my scent.
47 people out of 54 at the time of writing would smash a cat the absolute state of the dark souls community
Degenerates like you belong to a cross.
Bruh moment there's more likes than dislikes
probably cause she's voiced by Hannah John-Kamen, just my 2 cents thrown there
may god help us
To all the people who liked this comment. May god have mercy on you, because I won’t


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When you level int too much and polymorph duration becomes infinite
I killed both rats and she isn’t selling the boots ... why?