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By Anonymous
Only if I was a cat...

But only then...
I’d do it.
By Anonymous
*confused screaming*
By Anonymous
Wow she must have a lot to say about the Shrine of Winter
By Anonymous
Man who knew the smartest character in ds2 would be a cat :)
By Anonymous
everybody here is like "oh said that thing about sins even though i didnt killed anybody and i didnt pick up the token"
but I actually killed a lot of npcs and i picked up that token and she never mentioned anything about sins to me lol
By Anonymous
I don't know why, but she said the comment about sin, despite me not having accumulated any, or having the Token of Spite. Xbox, Shadow of The First Sin.
By Anonymous
A vainglorious liar who ended up hurling himself into the flames.
Now he's Ichorous Earth if I'm not mistaken.

Apt description of Gwyn.
By Anonymous
me: "attacks" ;)
her: *uwu voice* oh spare me please
By Anonymous
Degenerates like you belong on a cross
By Anonymous
May god forgive you, because I won’t
By Anonymous
We can't expect god to do all the work.
By Anonymous
you all belong in horny jail
By Anonymous
Hand me a mallet friend, let’s purge these heretics
By Anonymous
Her wisdom and charm is unparalleled. She's the kind of cat you could spend hours listening to.
By Anonymous
nigga simping a cat
By Anonymous
Lmfao get this man some *****
By Anonymous
Cat already is the ***** bro
By Anonymous
Why the **** does this damn cat have such a sexy voice?