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For the three cats , I jumped up to where two of the cats were and their AI was broken. You can defeat two of them as far as I know without any issue, making the last cat easy prey.
By Anonymous
Everytime i'm in Darkroot, i heat TWOP TWOP TWOP TWOP
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No words to describe how much I love this area
By Anonymous
when i go here i keep remembering sif limping rip sif I'm sorry it had to end this way
By Anonymous
Does the amount of souls dropped by the forest dwellers increase in NG+?
If yes by how much?
By Anonymous
the ambience is amazing
By Anonymous
OMG I just found out that the non-respawning hostile npcs are female! Now I am regretting that I didn't leave at least the 2nd knight alive. Really feel disappointed that they would leave us with those males to farm instead of the females.
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Wtf? Average fextra user comment.
By billybgame
The part about the high level human Forest Hunters falling off the ledge while you sit there safely NEVER works for me. They hop down and start killing me.
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By Anonymous
I've beaten those 3 cats much easier than hints mention.
After crossing the stone bridge, you'll find yourself on a lowgrown, while cats are on a highground. And they will never cross that line and instead will de-agro running away to the far right side. So you just go up the hill a bit, watch them starting to roll towards you and run downhill, after roll they will stop for a short moment when you can land 1-2 hits (based on weapon type... I used Zweihander +9 so it was one hit per cycle) and wait until they de-agro and repeat until all cats dead. Thanks god they don't respawn :) I wasn't ready when 2 more joined the fight :D
By Anonymous
Way better farming method.
Equip Ring of Fog and Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring. Equip talisman and Homeward miracle.
This was enemies don't aggro at you if you manage to get behind them and you can backstab them.
Approach mage a bit to the left, backstab. Finish if backstab DMG is not enough.
From mage go to thief. Make sure to stay behind thief because he spotsyou right away if you approach somewhat to his side. Backstab.
From thief take to the left approaching cleric. Backstab.
Go to warrior taking a bit to the right when Alvina is. Backstab. You will need to finish him with additional hit most of the time. My 40 STR 18DEX with Black Knight Halberd +5 dealt ~800 damage and needed additional 200-300 damage to put him down.
Use Homewardmiracle.