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Changed some text color for consistency and readability.
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dunno why someone dislikes this but as a newbie here I can say there are no issues in the writing now; it's readable
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LMAO I killed the white cat because i was so scared of that part and i did not want to lose all my souls + 12 humanity
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I lost 100k and 30 humanities bc of those random *** backstab try hard npc. Seriously how do you fight an npc circling you for backstab if they can do it at virtually ANY angle as soon as you swing/cast/roll ?
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To person asking how to fight them:

High damage ranged attacks work very well.

If no ranged, using lighter armor can make it harder for them to backstab you during circle stafe. You can try parrying them, works pretty well against most of them--one riposte + one backstab should kill almost all of them.

If heavy build, heavy weapons will stunlock them (plus probably kill them in one stamina bar).

(I believe) They're all susceptible to poison and bleed as well. So if none of that works you can always cheese them with dung pies or poison knives.

For most enemies in Dark Souls, you want to hit them first for stagger and then roll. But these guys are different. They're supposed to fight like human invaders would fight.

So for these guys, it's usually best to let them swipe first (because some of them have a lot of poise) sidestep/back up, and then go in for a hit. Especially against the one with the bandit knife and target shield, if you swipe while his shield is raised, you'll very likely get parried. Depending on character, these will likely be much longer fights than fights with more typical enemies in the game--and fighting other enemies doesn't really fully prepare you for fighting these guys.
By Bovrillor
Ignore the note at the top of the page ("If you have access to the Aota DLC, be sure to complete that before heading into the fog gate of the boss at the end of this area") It sounds like you're about to do something game-breaking, when in fact the order you do these areas just makes a slight change to one cutscene.
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Wow is Ds1 anything else than backstabs and cliffs falling ? Seriously no enemies have killed me without resorting to backstab or being sucked down a cliff bc apparently 1m away isn't enough ? I'm amazed this game got a sequel seeing how awefully it was put together. Not even mentioning how this game's area barely make sense the way they are placed. Anyways point was be careful tons of npc enemies here trying to backstab. Btw how tf can they get a backstab from a roll ? This make 0 sense.
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Git gud
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filthy casul
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It was released over 8 years ago you realise?
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*****ing noob!!
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Sounds like a bunch of whining. I never knew about this game until a year ago, and I love it. I’ve been told that the later versions make the mechanics of 1 seems awe full.
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Git f*cked, skrublord
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Wtf what a whining scrub, git gud or git rekt
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I'm guessing you're just here to troll, but if not:

The general map if very often cited as being one of the best designed maps in any game of its era--even better than the sequels. You may not have found how it all connects together yet, but it does, and often in surprising and satisfying ways. So you're probably alone in thinking the map design is poor.

For the combat, no idea what build you're using, but if you started as a sorcerer or pyromancer you're basically playing on easy mode until about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way through the game--and even after that it's still mostly easy mode. Also if you farm too many enemies it's pretty easy to be way over-leveled for the areas you're in--you're not really intended to farm enemies in this game unless you're using meta-knowledge to farm some specific weapon for your character.

Anyway I find it pretty hard to believe you've never been killed by anything but are getting backstabbed by NPCs. But yes, there are a lot of NPCs in those woods that will backstab you. Rolls only have so many i-frames, so if you're getting backstabbed a lot, a shield might be a better option. If you spam roll away from stuff, enemies with good mobility and tracking will often catch up to you for the backstab.

Also if you don't like the combat/design of this game, but like the general ideas/motifs, you may still like or prefer Bloodborne or DS3, the combat is faster paced and more streamlined, and the graphics are much improved. This game is getting a little old now, I think it ages pretty well, but it can definitely feel old if you're playing it for the first time 8-10 years after its release.
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Remember, GG is for git gud
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I like how the original comment was criticizing the environmental hazards and the easy backstabs in pvp so the other guy wrote a paragraph about stuff he didn't say anything about
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to the last anon , he also whined about map being poorly placed
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know your enemy...
know about gravity...
be wary of glitches...
be aware of your position in the game world...

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Play offline if you dont want to deal with laggy invaders
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Best place to grind early levels.
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Early? I am around lv50 when I got here :D
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It took me awhile to look for Alvina, the white cat. I first thought it would be standing somewhere in the, hmmm might be a glitch, so I run in and back out of the area to make it, hmmm......then I realized its sitting right there on the window in the wall, so basically go up to the wall and "talk"....UGH! wasted about 30-45 minutes looking for this thing
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Walked in with nothing but +15 Zwei with gold pine on guess what happened
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to be fair that's the only time you should walk into this area it's too horseshit
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Im playing my first playthrough, is level 20 too low for this area? I spent a few minutes waiting for the Butterfly to be able to attack (melee build) and I only got 2 bars down. Also every attack does about 1/3 of my health
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Too low for the last parts in my opinion.
I got back there at SL60 as a caster and it was a piece of cake, though.
The big mushroom guys have about 2k HP and they hit hard.
The tree guys are pretty strong there too, and they can ambush you fairly easily.
But I believe there's no right SL to tackle this area, anyhow. If you're patient, you can do this.
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Low but doable. At that level the butterfly fight is a test in patience and dodging ability. The Green Stone giants prior drop around 600 souls and can be farmed pretty easily. If you're able to hang with the Forest Covenant peeps, you can level up suuuuuper quick since they each drop 2000 souls.
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20 is good for that fight, 25 is probably best. Honestly anything over ~35 is too high.

If you're playing a cleric, lightning spear is pretty easy to get at that level and will wreck that boss (need to join Warriors of Sunlight covenant). To get in covenant you'll probably need to help people kill 1-2 different bosses first, though.

If you're a sorcerer/pyromancer, fight shouldn't be too bad with starting spells.

Dex characters can find a bow in a different part of the area, and Andre sells arrows.

Any other character can beat the butterfly by becoming human and summoning Beatrice (sign hidden behind a fern at the bottom of the staircase leading to the boss fog).


The area behind the sealed door is definitely intended to be played at more like level 50-60. Also the area leading down to Darkroot Basin is probably more geared toward level 35-40.

The butterfly area is definitely in a level 20's wheelhouse, though.
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Gank City (Hope you arn't online lol)