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By Anonymous
Slightly less effective on non-infused weapons than resins. Requires zero stat investment aside from the 10 attune. Useful for when you don't want to spend hours farming resins, plus it looks badass.
By Anonymous
Actually useful with innate fire, way more useful than a resin on a regular weapon because of how defense works... Not worth centering a build on because of better options but now wasted if your build already has the setup
By Anonymous
Not wasted***
By Anonymous
Would the Iron King Hammer count as fire infused?
By Anonymous
Dark Weapon, Sunlight Blade, and Crystal Blade... all available in NG from vendors or chests. Want to make your weapon on fire through magic? Either NG+ or ascetic from the Witch of Izalith's soul... Something seems a little out of whack here, somebody help me put my finger on it...
By Anonymous
I think its not that bad i couldnt buff my black knight ultra greatsword with resins and recenlty figured it out that i can buff it with this still better than katana.
By Anonymous
I've decided to test Sunlight Blade and Flame Weapon buffs for sake of comparison. With str 12, dex 20, faith 50, int 3, Ring of Blades +1, I used two partizans +10; lightning infused partizan with total damage 200+207, and fire infused partizan with total damage 200+201. For consistency, I ensured that the attacks tested were always a non-sweetspot counter hits, on the first manikin at Lower Earthen Peak bonfire, who seemed to take exactly 5 less fire damage than lightning damage from unbuffed hits, meaning his fire and lightning resistances are the same, within ~1 damage margin of error. I've also accounted for the 6 damage difference between the weapons, and added that damage to the final results. They should be accurate within 2-3 damage margin of error.

Flame Weapon added 63 damage to the lightning partizan, and 70 damage to the fire partizan - 3.5% increase due to innate fire damage.

Sunlight blade added 97 damage to the fire partizan, and 104 damage to the lightning partizan - 3.5% increase due to innate lightning damage.

Since both weapons had almost exactly 50:50 split, with the above stats the innate damage accounts for only 3.5% increase, and can be effectively ignored.

Assuming enemy has equal fire and lightning resistance, single cast Sunlight Blade will provide 50% stronger buff than Flame Weapon. However, Sunlight Blade provides only 1-3 total casts of the buff, while Flame weapon provides 4-8; for low attunement builds, Flame Weapon will provide 360 seconds uptime at minimum, while sunlight blade will provide only 90 seconds at minimum. Overall, number of lightning resistant enemies seems to be lower, but number of fire vulnerable enemies seems higher. Flame Weapon is also obtainable earlier (requires bonfire ascetic), and has an extremely quiet sound effect compared to Sunlight Blade.
By Anonymous
Maybe the reason why flame weapon did less because you had 3 int?
just curious
By Anonymous
fire scales with faith or int until they combine to 60 in ds2. so 50 faith, 3 int is the same as 26 faith, 26 int
By Moosh
Very good, man! Very in-depth and scientific! We need more men like you :D