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Is the old witch soul, the Lost Sinner NG+
Yep. You can also use an Ascetic on the Saltfort bonfire to make her drop it on death. The path to her becomes quite muddled up, however, and she gains two little friends that gank you if you get her health to 60%.
Just in NG+. Using an ascetic does not spawn the pyromancers during the boss fight
Yeah, Last Sinner NG+ gives Old witch soul.
using a bonfire asctetic does do the trick
"Deals less damage than resins" how so? flame weapon adds a solid 50+1.3x for 90s, the same goes for the resin, only the resin cannot buff infused weapons, so how is flame weapon weaker in this scenario?
the update changed the percentage, as of the patch flame weapon is weaker then the resin but only on non fire infused weapons
resin adds a higher raw buff and less %
And 3 years later it's still not updated.
Do you get more damage depending on your fire damage that’s onto pyro glove
Old question, but the answer is no.
Of all potential pyromancies you can transpose from the Old Witch Soul, B-Team chose this. They could´ve put in the Great Chaos Fireball or Chaos Firestorm since both already have a connection to Izalith; this is just a basic pyromancy.
It should have been the Great Chaos Fireball.
If you had any understanding of the lore of these games, you'd know why this pyromancy is not basic.
It isn't a chaos spell, why would you transpose this from the witch's soul? It's just a weird oversight, no need to act like the lore master 17 feb
the part im upset about is that you need a bonfire asectic to get this. why do they make you wait so long to unlock stuff in these games its so obnoxious for replays
Feb 17 'lore master' stfu weirdo you dont have any understanding on how corny you are. There's always some fruitcake that lives in his mother's basement while she's upstairs with big Jerome on his iphone2 telling ppl to git gud and telling them how much they dont know and how much you know and telling people how many hours you have In on the game so that makes you better. You are a punk
“i want more casts of the spell i want because it is good” none of the area boss items really have anything to do with the first game. stop trying to compare ds to ds2
How does this deal less damage than charcoal pine resin? I went to the wiki for it and it's the same damage*****


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I trust fextralife more any other site I've been to has never been more wrong



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In all fairness, this only exists to make your weapon look cool. Not that I can complain.
Penal Handcuffs does not improve the damage.
Flame weapon.They can create any pyromancy from old witch soul and they choose flame weapon
should probably say that you need to offer 10,000 souls to Straid as well as the soul. Matters if you are planning out SM capped play through.