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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Has anyone ever swam around the world on a chocoobo before in final fantasy 15. I am currently steaming this event. I was able to go to the other content without the boat.
is there anyone who doesnt need its account anymore?
There is no shop option in my regalia, so i am being prevented from obtaining many items that other gamers have readily avaliable access to.
It is severly preventinting me from developing a fulfilling gaming experience and colorful, uniquely
special, player characters. Furthermore it is keeping me from playing at the same level as my fellow peers. Does anyone know why my version of the ffxv regalia has no shop option? Is there some cheat or workaround, b/c in case this is a rare glitch i would like it to be recognized and i hopefully would also appreciate being made whole.
How many Hitpoints has the Omega, i fight one hour for a small part of his HP
Troop levels eat more the my farms produce .... so keep 1 farm for upgrading the empire but should I just destroy the other farm as they produce nothing ... because I’m always at 0 ??
whats up final fantasy fans need some help to understand the ff 7 remake someone care to inform me about how its going whats being done and is genesis going to be in it or maybe in another game theres things i would like to talk about the game or what some of you may have heard about any other final fantasy games anyone?
hey whats up!
hey at the start of the game the ifrit fight I cant seem to go to the next cutscene. how do I fix it
my prompto