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By Anonymous
absolutely essential for any build
By Anonymous
What about a glass cannon build tho...
By Anonymous
Ever go with anything but a tank build?
By Raymond
Not worth the ring slot. Now the Chloranthy Ring, that’s a real peach!
By Anonymous
Your mother is a real peach, too. OHHHHH!!!
By Anonymous
perfectly balanced... as all things should be
By Anonymous
i dont think i can break the 33
By Anonymous
Idk about essential but it is a very good ring.
By Anonymous
Just take it as gift because no entry about loot or drop. Playing for few hours => Loot it on chest ... on Ballista Room at the Forest of Fallen Giants. Sadness
By Anonymous
+2 and +3 are great, below them they are just a slot filler
By Anonymous
Life Ring +2 has great sinergy with Unleash Magic spell, for those wizard craving more power by sacrificing only 15% health instead of the full 30% taken by the spell.