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I think this armor is really great even though it is difficult to get


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I hope they add the red plume in the remastered version.
Praise the plume.


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rip the dream
literally unplayable
For some reason, my armor is dull grey, and not golden. Is this normal? Isn't it supposed to be golden?
Same issue here, looks like **** now. Of all the things they could've changed, why this?
It never was golden, it's actually slightly goldish silver (the color is called electrum) or white gold. It only looked golden because of the color of the light in the throne room.
nice ds2 joke
No plume in the remaster nice. Classic as always Dark souls 1 in 60 FPS. AND almost without ANY changes, cause this games was perfectly balanced right ?
It's been said but yeah, no plume. Sucks. Yeah bring on the downvotes I'm criticizing the remaster.

But admit it, you wanted the plume too.
It was added in ds3 after a fan based petition awhile back. Anyone gonna do that again??
Not as protective as I would have thought. the Lightening defence is pretty bad, although the wiki could be wrong?
Its slightly heavier than Elite Knight Set which I wear and which has just far better stats.
Save perhaps for slightly worse fire resistances and no curse resistances.

Overally mine hype train for this armour got derailed after I saw how much worse it is overall than EK set.
I assume Ornstein was going to be a samurai, with how much the armor fits without the stupid helmet.
O capacete dessa amor e lindo cara
ornstein best enemie in dark souls
Nice spelling



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shush you grammer nazie
how many souls does it cost
27,000 souls total