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A lighting one can be found in the gutter, near the iron chest that contains the ring of soul protection.
In SotFS. In vanilla it is in the mimic chest in Iron Keep.
Noob here. I play sotfs. I killed the mimic and the items fell through the floor. While trying to reach the area below the mimic I died. The mimic is gone, and the items are as well. Am I sol?
@anonymous, if you quit and reload the game, the item should spawn where the mimic was.
I never paid this weapon any attention but it's shockingly good. It's not, like, rapier good (so it's not totally broken), but as far as "easy to acquire poking weapons" go it still absolutely shreds in both PVE and PVP. Literally just don't get backstabbed and you're going to beat 80% of people to the punch. Damage is fine. Big sleeper option for DEX/quality players.
Agreed, I'm having a lot of fun, I initially used it as step-weapon to get to my Loyce GS, but I found that I win more with the Winged Spear. It's simple, yet effective and lots of fun. Pair it with the Leo Ring for maximum enjoyment.
This was my go to weapon in my last playthrough of DS1, but I have to say, it holds strong in this game too. It's a solid Dex weapon for both PVE and PVP. I've been using it quite a bit and I'm genuinely impressed with how good it is. I would say, especially in PVP, paired with the old leo ring of course, it hits pretty damn hard. I think a lot of people underestimate this weapon.


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If you know how to use, this is a beast on pvp, seriously, it's starts to be annoying
Shorter, easier to get, lighter version of Pate's marvellous spear.
Really satisfying to use, tho.
Um they can be dropped by hollow soldiers wielding them in forest of the fallen giants.
two handed attacks with it will stagger most if not all humanoid characters Easily killed armorer dennis and fencer sharon by poking them to death with a stick