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Good build. I hope to see it online.
I just started darksouls 2 on pc and I am making this build because I like to punch things. I might do PVP one day
This build is wicked. Punched many people's faces in when they threaten my precious Bells.
But you must understand, true Gentlemen fight with their bare fists! Those handlebar mustaches have to be punched into shape with care! Surely no caestus will keep the handlebar tidy.
Then get to the final rank in the Company of Champions & EQUIP THE VICTOR'S SEAL. WE SHALT PUNCH AT THE DARKNESS.
That ring is why I'm known as mr. Fister. The backstab is cringe worthy though I never use back stabs in PvP and rarely in pve the face always the face
This is quality dankness. How has no one commented on this yet.
I'm doing this exact build.
There needs to be a place where boxing dandies meet to fight
is that a jojo reference
Could this build work with two bonefist?
It sure could, dual bone fist is my favorite
Perfect stats for any Hamon users.
Funny enough, my char's name is Joestar.
if you dont wanna use the steel protection ring, use the red eye ring. looks cool as hell and isnt that expensive (4 or 5k souls)
Might I suggest less vitality (14) coupled with the flynn ring for some absurd dps. Given how light the caestus are anyway the vitality seems unnecessary