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By Anonymous
26 attunemnt does NOT give you an additional cast.
By Anonymous
It did for me
By Anonymous
Just started SOTFS recently, and wow. Lightning Spear went from 10 uses to 3. That seems incredibly harsh. Why not 5? these things aren't any stronger than emit force and you get 4 of those.
By Anonymous
This is how you can tell if someone pirated DkS II. The base game got the same nerf shortly after launch.
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By thegourd
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Yep, I guess it was just too op for them
By Anonymous
They get a lot more casts if you level attunement, making them better for a spellcaster rather than a melee/faith build.
By Anonymous
How to get more lightning spears.I now you can buy from that woman that moves path.But only 3 uses.HOW DO I FIND MORE
By Anonymous
open shrine of winter and you can buy unlimited ones and also you can find one in earthern peak
By Anonymous
yeah, shine of winter has her sell infinte spears, but what you want to do is lvl attunement. not only do you get more slots and cast speed, but it has an hidden feature that increases the uses of each spell. like with this spell, having 10 att with give 3 uses per slot, but at 94 att it will be 15 uses. so getting att to 94 will give you 10 slots and 15 uses per slot, and buy 10 after shine of winter will have you with 150 spears. which is over kill and if you have 50+ faith, they basically OHKO most things. thou its mainly a mid late game thing, lightning scales much better in the higher faith levels, as oppossed to dark and fire magic that scale high early and slow down higher.

By Anonymous
Lightning Spear is a more long-term spell to build into than it used to be - while the initial casts were nerfed heavily, the cast growth with attunement remained the same. By filling 10 or 11 attunement slots with Lightning Spear and a high attunement, you can break 100 casts pretty easily. It's just now less immediately easy to spam.
By Anonymous
Scholar version, Earthern Peak chest is replaced with great heavy soul arrow.
By Anonymous
You're opening the wrong chest. I was literally there two seconds ago and it is still Lightning Spear.
By Anonymous
Can confirm, Lightning Spear is in another chest they must have missed. Great Heavy Soul Arrow was in another chest there as well.
By Anonymous
Fun fact: even if Licia dies, she will still sell you unlimited copies of her miracles once you reach the Shrine of Winter.
By Anonymous
True, but also reviving her costs souls every time, so you're better of paying 2k souls once to get her to turn the path than multiple thousands each time you want to buy something from her
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For all wishing to go a caster faith build: get the crown from fume knight. That way you won't need 75 attuement and 12x the spell
By Anonymous
What progression triggers three additional copies?
By Anonymous
When you reach the shrine of winter, Licia sells unlimited copies. Before that, you only have asses to 2.
By Anonymous
I love how they put grossly incandescent and jolly cooperation is some of these miracles. \o/