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I think the location of the staff in that chest has been moved from the bottom of the stairs. can someone confirm?
As of today it is still at the bottom of the stairs as I found it
I can’t find it either (PS4 SotFS). I came from the other direction, ie not past Pate, not sure if that makes a difference.
illusion doors are opened with the confirm button
Does this staff have less stamina cost then the others? I swear I have more stamina for spamming certain sorcery combos when using this staff.
There is no hidden room that contains this catalyst, I've already searched every damned wall...
there is tho, i loot it all the time when planning to use spells. The room is further inside the trap area. When inside the building area next the the bottom of the stairs start inspecting the right side of the wall, press the confirm button on ur controller to activate the hidden walls in this game. Their should be a metal chest with some amber herbs and this catalyst inside
Yes, there is. You have to press the confirm (A on Xbox, X on Playstation) to open illusory walls, not just hit them.