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Nashandras shield
hers would have been the shield of want
No, the Shield of Want is clearly said to be Vendrick‘s shield
It looks kinda like a xenomorph's head
Attempted to defeat the gods... Sought the power of Gravelord Nito... Coming back from DS3, I can't help but wonder if this shield belonged to whatever clan Aldrich descended from, considering his title and the fact that his catalyst reproduces the image of the Gravelord Sword...
you ds3 *** are the worst
Maybe, but he could have also learned it from a dream, like with life hunt. I always thought the mimics were a exiled clan due to this "ill fated attempt" Makes a good fallen angel parallel too.
Best parry shield holds highest reductions and stability between small shield classes great for pvp. Either go for a regular +15 for stability or maybe consider a magic +10 to i crease the poor magic reduction.
Do you need the 16 faith to block effectively with this shield?
It weighs 3.0 units and not 1.5, I believe.
Surprisingly good on the fire-path. Magic isn’t too common, and having 3 blocking percentages above 80% is pretty good