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tIme to pay up! Extend!
My sword... Tear apart!
The 2 handed R1's tracking is honestly not good. One handed R2 has low damage and poisebreaking. Come on. Don't be like NG newbie. We all know that this is not that viable weapon for real PvP. Just tricky.
for "Real" pvp you mean for being a havel jester?
you can make so many weapons viable in DS2
"oh it's just another boring straight sw- wait no this is sick"



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The progenitor of the Threaded Cane in BB? lol
Although the moveset is very handy and has a unique effect in PVP, it unfortunantly has almost zero benefit in upgrading it. Don't bother with the fifteen twinkling titanites, you'd get way more extra AR from more dex.
Time to whip everything.