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By Anonymous
To my fellow Dark Souls and Tarnished Elden Lords, fear not! The Draconic Tree Sentinel set and weapons is a direct reference to our beloved Havel set, but with gold! Even the weapon is direct referenced.
By Anonymous
With 99 Endurance, Havel's Ring, and the FAP ring, you can achieve either full havel + zweihander, or full Havel except giant guantlets with grass crest shield and zweihander. With fast roll. Make of that what you will...
By Anonymous
fast havel isnt possible. but FA(s)T Havel is!
By Anonymous
Is fast rolling Havel even possible? Yes of course it is.

With 99 Endurance, Havel's Ring and Ring of Favor and Protection we get 250.2 equip load. Havel's set takes 50 and that's 20%. Fast roll is up to 25% so we have 12.6 weight points left to spend them of weapon and shield and still get fast roll.

12.6! That's a lot!

Most shields and weapons weight up to 6. But we can pick lighter shield and heavier weapon. So with most weapon/shield combinations poossible in game we will get weight between 3-12. That's crazy cause it means that fast rolling full havel can be combined with almost any build except ones that use very big and heavy weapons.
By Anonymous
It's always handy to have Havel's Set and Ring in inventory. You don't have to wear them all the time but there are some fights (PvE or PvP) when great poise boost is just the thing you need to win even if you sacrifice fast speed and rolls for that.