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Fat roll problem? Why do you even need to roll with that much poise and defence? Forget rolls. Just block with shield and spam attacks tanking eventual hits. You are literal ROCK so act like rock not some ***** flipping ninja.
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throw on havels and you unlocked easy mode for dark souls
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How much dose it weight and how much endurance do you ned to where this
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The virgin fast roll vs the CHAD 99% load backbreaking fat roll
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Never heard of Flipping Havel?
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just dont get hit ¯\_( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)_/¯
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Does anyone know an elden ring set that looks like this? Was gonna build Havel in elden ring.
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This set+wolf ring=infinite poise
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Terminator build
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By Black Iron Tarkus
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it has occurred to me that havel is not in fact, a beta cuck. but is instead,, a giga-chad thundercock girlboss slay l+ratio lgbtq+ ratio gaming pog based pro women's choice gentleman
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Character development
By Anonymous
The redemption arc
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Tarkus what the hell are you talking about
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Havel was always a damn GigaChad. He was the first souls person to realize magic is for cucks.
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Based tarkus