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Total weight incorrect.
Then edit it yourself!
It's correct learn maths
After 3 games, this armor is a damn curse on us all.
121 poise+ wolf ring equals 161 poise. oof.
Combining this set with power within buff equals godmode
This set is POISEonous
I had always through that dark souls was a game of skill, in which you'd rather be fast rolling and learn to d'orge. Then I equiped the full havel set ... I just had to stand, wield my weapon with two hands, and press R1. I beat the 4 kings without dodging or blocking usine only 3 estus.
Actually pretty good. Havel’s set, black knight great sword, grass crest shield and mask of child is basically a ripoff giant dad
Not the black knight sword, the sword of the Gravelord. I found that if you unequivocal the pants on a Knight when starting, he can run fast enough to grab the sword in the catacombs after a couple of deaths.
Mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine!