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By kamilman
What happens if you die from the dragon attack? Do you still get the key? I just died from the dragon skeleton and didn't get the key. I'm playing the regular ps3 version with no DLC.
By Anonymous
You don't have to interact with the dragon on regular edition only for the SOTFS edition. The key should be in a room that has acid and 2 mutated dogs.
By Anonymous
i thought fighting the dragon would be cool then it just died...
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Be carefull of equipment braking. Not POISON
By Anonymous
Well wasn't expecting that dragon to attack
By Anonymous
I'm playing SotFS and I didn't have to light anything
By Anonymous
Or, shoot the dogs in the acid pit through the bars of the cage with a bow
By Anonymous
in sotfs you have to actually kill the 4 invaders, not just light the torch
By Anonymous
So I killed the 4 invaders and lit the sconces, but the dragons not moving does this have to be done BEFORE I kill the guardian dragon?
By Anonymous
In SOTFS this key is not worth the hassle or the rewards. Run completely around a short level twice, lighting sconces along the way, fighting 4 black phantoms that are spongier than the boss, watch a dragon skeleton kill itself to get a key. That key opens a side door full of mediocre consumables. What a waste. At least in the base version it was kind of fun to watch this giant skeleton lunge for you.
By Anonymous
Omfg i needed to see someone confirm this ******* smfhhhh