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Does anyone know if you can proc the Troll King 5P bonus by healing yourself, or does it have to be anything other than you?




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Procs on yourself from self healing as well. It's an amazing set!
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No, you can never activate a 5pc with troll king set. It doesnt heal anyone nor do anything active. It simply raises one of your stats. Also its only a 2pc but if your asking if it can trigger another set that is a 5pc, no it can not with the current sets.
Does the 2 piece work on self heals?
It can be you to.
can troll king proc on multiple people at once?

I'm thinking about using this on my healer (constant Hots proccing it whenever someone gets below 60%)
Yes, it will proc on any one in your group and there seems to be no limit. As of my last test this set will proc from others healing themselves and effect everyone.
Yes, you can use this set with self-heals to increase your recovery when you are below 60% health.

It works on self-heals.
Update guys. Troll king works now below 50%
Does this set work on pets? I see it working on NPCs that help you in quest so this had me wondering about pets with hp and the ability to heal or receive heals.
Do potions work?