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Does this ring increase poise damage? Does it proc on spells?
Stone Ring is what you're looking for for Poise Damage, this increases the Poise of your character
It's POISE not POISON. I dont mean to be mean
he did not say poison he said poise but he did say "for for"
Anyone else think that they bases this ring of of Giantdad because it’s the ring of GIANTS, and it increases POISE!!!


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Compared to the other rings that the build requires its not very good so no there's just a mass of Giant lore
Im wearing this, but I dont see any difference than just a poise...
I never got how wolves had anything to do with not flinching so having the poise ring pertaining to giants makes more sense.
In DS1, it had nothing to do with wolves. The Wolf Ring was a boon granted to Artorias because of his service to Gwyn. The only reason it had a wolf on its face was to represent that it belonged to him. All four knights of Gwyn got one (Hornet Ring/Hawk Ring/Leo Ring) -- each with a different effect (Crit boost/Bow range boost/Thrust counter atk boost) and a different animal on the face of the ring.
Lions have nothing to do with how hard you can stab someone...
That's exactly the first reply's point. The name had nothing to do with the effect in DS1, it was just an insignia.


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Ornstein is named after a composer called Leo Ornstein. Leo means Lion in Latin, therefore both Ornstein and Leo Ring has something to do with lions. I believe thrust effect is because he uses a spear
A ring that weighs as much as a mace would probably hurt to wear lmao