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Where is the side quest "Stealing the Past"? Because I have no idea how to get to there. I think you have to fly there and land on this tiny road but I think I am wong. Any help guys?
Hey it is me again, I got to the quest spot by the way I described before and in that area there are lots of treasure spots and idem spots. Also there is a dungeon that is not in the wiki potion ruins
*pitios ruins (damn auto correct) Anyway I am still exploring this dungeon but so far there are no enemies, Just parcore.
Yo it is me again and in case you don't know where I am talking about, by the volcano outpost north of it on the map you can see a bit of dirt road not connected to anything. I think the only way to get into that area is to fly there once you can upgrade your car, then (it is trocky) you have to land it like an air plane then, you can camp in a spot in the top left spot in that area so you can return via return to last rest spot. More info once I finish the dungeon.
I hate you autocorrect....

Missing a bunch of quests, like the entire Menace lineup